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Mulberry Farm


This incredible energy efficient home is marvelously built into the hillside to help blend into the surroundings and decrease its energy usage. The power usage of just two hairdryers is all that is required to heat the residence over even the coldest winter night.

Offered at $2,750,000  $1,650,000
Massive $1.1 Million Price Reduction!

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The Home

Designed by Kaplan Thompson Architects, this home was built for an English family to be the pinnacle of energy efficient dwellings. It has achieved LEED platinum standards, and also the German Passivhaus recognition. The landscape and the home seamlessly blend together to minimize energy usage, maximize its solar intake, and create a beautiful, and environmentally aware household. The roof itself is a vegetated green roof, and even designed as an area animals can walk and graze on top of.

With 104 acres of land, this home boasts 3,600 square feet complete with 3 bedrooms and an alluring outdoor patio terrace. When considering the upkeep of the green roof, the roof features an electrical field embedded into the system that detects any leaks that may happen in the future, pinpointing the exact spot that should be uncovered in order to perform the necessary roof repairs. This cutting edge technology has been utilized in other buildings and structures to make any necessary upkeep much easier, and prevent any damage to the interior, as minor leaks can be caught long before they become large problems.

Energy Efficiency

This homes heating budget is impressively low, averaging less than $500 per year. It was built to use 90% less energy than an average home of its size uses to heat, and the results achieve that. With solid bones of solid concrete, this home is built to be a structure that will last a long time. Built from renewable sustainable materials free of formaldehyde and VOCs; the environmental friendliness of this home cannot be overstated. Locally sourced wood products like white oak flooring and black walnut custom cabinetry were used to help give it the Virginia feel.

This unique property is a true one of a kind home, unlike any other you may find. The creativity and care put into the design and construction is exemplary. The efficiency, beauty, and fascinating curb appeal that went into this home is extremely impressive.

With over 3.5 million dollars invested into this home, it is sure to leave anyone who visits in complete awe.

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