Why Live on Virginia Waterfront?

Virginia is known for the stunning beauty of its mountains, but the best views in Virginia are those with a waterfront. Of course, rivers, ponds and lakes also offer a number of important natural resources. For those with an appreciation for gardening and agriculture, nearby waterfronts can help with irrigation and ensure healthy soil; and for those with a taste for outdoor recreation, Virginia waterfront real estate offers all sorts of exciting draws, from hiking trails and fishing to canoeing and boating. 

Life on Virginia’s Rivers

While Virginia’s rivers were once the state’s primary method of commercial transportation, these days the waterways are primarily sites of nature and recreation. While many tourists enjoy public areas on Virginia’s waterfront in the summer, owning a Virginia waterfront property means having access to private, serene areas of the lake or river year-round. With private fishing, canoeing, and hiking just steps away from home, it’s easy to see why so many Virginians are eager to find their own riverfront home. And with their greater privacy, riverfront properties are perfect for anyone with a deep appreciation for nature – after all, who wouldn’t want to eat breakfast with a view of the peaceful water and rolling mountains?

Virginia waterfront real estate offers opportunities for any lifestyle: For families, a Virginia waterfront home or vacation home is the perfect place to build memories of family-bonding on the water. For those who love the outdoors, Virginia waterfront properties provide the perfect home base for hiking, canoeing, fishing, and more. Whether you want a stunning place to entertain, a cozy family home, or a secluded escape, Virginia waterfront properties bring unbeatable benefits.

Virginia River Recreation

Those who own Virginia waterfront real estate can step out of their house and into a world of recreational possibilities! Whatever your lifestyle, it’s hard to deny the wonders that living in a Virginia riverfront property would bring.

Canoeing, Kayaking, and Tubing

Virginia’s lakes and rivers are perfect for an afternoon of canoeing, kayaking, or tubing with family and friends. Buying a Virginia waterfront property lets you canoe or kayak as soon as you walk out your backdoor, so it’s perfect for families and nature enthusiasts. 


Fishing enthusiasts appreciate Virginia’s many rivers and waterways because of the fantastic, year-round fishing. Each of Virginia’s rivers has something to offer those who enjoy peaceful afternoons fishing. The Shenandoah River, for instance, is one of the best smallmouth bass rivers in the eastern U.S. while the Rockfish River and the Rapidan River are known for the size of their trout.


If you’ve always dreamed of owning your own boat, consider buying a Virginia waterfront property. Virginia’s majestic mountains and meandering rivers provide the perfect backdrop, and Virginia’s affordability means that you can afford the house and boat of your dreams. The Rockfish River, the Rapidan River, or any of Virginia’s other breathtaking waterways are the ideal spot whether you want to spend quiet afternoons with your fishing rod, enjoy the summer with your kids, or provide your friends with unforgettable entertainment. 


Virginia’s ancient mountains and temperate climate have long made it a favorite of hikers, but there’s no better way to enjoy Virginia’s natural beauty than on trails that showcase a view of the river. 

Virginia Waterfront Real Estate

For thousands of years, people and their communities have made their homes with one special factor in mind: water. With their temperate properties, incredible natural resources and gorgeous scenery, waterfronts and riverfronts have been the lifeblood of human cities for generations – and for good reason. With all the unique recreational activities available living on water, along with the gorgeous scenery that has made the Virginia countryside an American icon, there’s no better way to enjoy all that nature has to offer.